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How to Convince Your Parents to Let You Hang Out with Your Friends

by Leonardo
Everyone likes to hang out with their friends. Sometime, you plan to hang out at the mall or have the best party ever. However, even the greatest plans sometimes get shot down by parents. This may make you very angry, especially when you feel that your parents are just keeping home to torture you. This can kill your social life. But luckily for you, here are 6 ways to convince your parents to let you hang out with your friends. 1. Prove that you're responsible This does not mean sucking up to your parents, but rather showing them that you [...]

How To Study For a Test in 10 Minutes (And actually learn something)

by Leonardo
Nobody likes to spend hours studying, neither do I! But now the test is soon, you didn't even write down the review guide and waited until the night before the test to even think about studying. Yeah I definitely know this feeling... So I created a very quick strategy for test studying! Use the Next/Previous buttons bellow to navigate between pages. 1. Figure out what to study When you have a limited time budget to study, you need to make sure you won't waste time. Your first thing to do now is to figure out what is going to be [...]