7 of the Best Senior Prank Ideas

7 of the Best Senior Prank Ideas

It’s national tradition for every senior class to pull of one final, epic senior prank before they say goodbye to high school and leave the days of silly pranks behind them as they begin their life of adulthood and maturity (lol, not really.) Some classes take things too far, some are a little too basic, and some – especially these epic 7 senior prank ideas – got it just right. Behold, seven of the most hilarious senior pranks, use the Next/Previous buttons bellow to navigate between pages.

1. The Beach Senior Prank


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These seniors decided to start summer a little bit early by bringing blow up swimming pools, wearing swimsuits, and even booking a real lifeguard to school.


2. The Slip ‘n’ Slide Senior Prank

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What better way to say goodbye to high school than to slide out of it? Some may say that the days of slip ‘n’ slides are behind once you enter middle school, but this senior class clearly didn’t agree.

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