Facts Of School

A Nerd’s Lifestyle

by Leonardo
Are you a nerd? Are you confident about it? Do you get bullied because of it? Yeah me too! Being a Nerd doesn't mean you are not good at something it just means that you are ten times smarter than the football player with 5 girlfriends! I myself know that it is not nice to get bullied because it happens to me every day and yeah I get tired of it and try to fight and I also do not win all the time! We have to learn to control our feeling when we get bullied! On the positive side, [...]

The Guide to Teacher Stereotypes

by Ben Lewis
At almost every modern school, there are stereotypical personas that practically every teacher falls into. The hot teacher, the old teacher, the teacher who never gets anything done... you know what I'm talking about. For your reading pleasure, Facts of School has compiled a list of 7 stereotypical teachers. 1. The Teacher Who Hates Teaching Some teachers are, for lack of a better term, bitches. Maybe they were taunted as a child. Maybe it's been a while since they've gotten laid. Or maybe they've graded too many bad papers. But some teachers simply seem to hate teaching! They can have a class [...]

How Eating Can Improve Your Memory

by Leonardo
Hey, ever been studying so hard and find that you have difficulty concentrating and memorizing much? It’s like you have extremely bad short term memory? Well, I’ve done some searching and found out that poor nutrition could be a factor to that. So, I came up with some tips and list of supplements which helped me in improving my memory. 1. Have some breakfast before going to class! I cannot stress this enough. Running off to class with low energy level can ruin your concentration. It prevents you from properly focusing on what your teacher is saying, makes you sluggish [...]

Juggling Your Work Simple & Easy

by Leonardo
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We are in halfway for school to end and yet some of us have a hard time doing our work. It could be for many reasons such as we are in a sport, we joined a club, or either we work, but let's admit it "Who Wants to do Homework" when you can go out with your buddies, friends, boyfriend, girlfriend, or even watch Netflix the whole day. Still, doing homework is part of our responsibility as students, yet it's a struggle to juggle all of it. Which is why I'm going to give you some easy tips to help [...]

Walking into High School with Heavy Shoulders?!

by Leonardo
Students around the world dread going to school, but it is an expectation to the pathway to achieve success. We start school at a young age with nothing but joy and excitement, and then the years progress and we start to realize what school is really all about. Whether you're switching schools, starting school for the first time, or even starting a new school year there always comes the thing we all hate the most, stress. I remember my transition into my high school year. My previous teachers would talk about how important school was, and I became so scared [...]

Why You Should Care About Politics

by Leonardo
Let's face it. You probably read the title of this article and thought "ew" or "bleh" solely because you saw the word politics in there. It is no secret: most teens these days couldn't care less about "politics" and "government" and things of that nature. Teens, most often, take what they saw and learned in their Social Studies classes and see that as what politics and government is all about. If you look at it that way then yes, it will more than likely seem very boring and uninteresting; however, I will tell you about two recent issues that should show [...]