How To Make Your Phone Battery Last Forever

How To Make Your Phone Battery Last Forever

I won’t lie, I am pretty baffled at the fact that we can’t have phone batteries that last forever. You would think in this day and age, someone would have perfected the art of gracing us with smartphones that would never die. Is that the case though? Absolutely not. Well not until now, that is.
Funny story, a researcher at the University of California was messing around with gel when she realised that by coating the brittle component in batteries with the gel like shell, they could be recharged thousands of times and not lose any power. Yes, you read correctly – this stroke of genius was discovered by accident, folks!


Why is this a cool story? It could be a complete game-changer when it comes to phones, laptops and tablets. It could also impact the use of cars and aircrafts. Apparently the components within batteries don’t deal too well with excessive charging and start to wear out after around 7,000 cycles. If the battery were to be coated in this new manganese dioxide gel-like shell however, it would not lose any power regardless of the amount of charge cycles.

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