7 Homecoming Dresses That Are A Little Too Creative

7 Homecoming Dresses That Are A Little Too Creative

It’s time to start shopping for homecoming dresses, pretending you love your friends’ ugly dresses, praying that cute guy you like asks you that special question, and finally get around to learning how to whip and nae nae – that’s right bitches, it’s almost time for the homecoming dance.

Between the drama of who-asked-who, cringe-worthy homecoming proposals, and dresses that make you want to hurl, there’s much to be hated during the homecoming season. And sometimes…people get like to creative. Behold, 7 people who knocked it out of the ballpark:


Taking “you complete me” to a whole new level.


“Yeah, this was a set-up, for a punch line on duck tape.”

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