Earning money and saving as a teenager ($)($)

by Leonardo

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Hey guys!

As teenagers, we all want money to buy stuff but we never have enough. We buy things that we don’t really need and at the end it all piles up after a few months. This can drive our parents mad and it usually ends with a speech on how to be more responsible and how not to buy junk, etc. This mostly  happens to me but I’ve decided that it has to get end. This here is exactly how I’m gonna try to do it and maybe you guys can try it too.


Don’t buy things you don’t need!


This may be hard because we want everything. From the newest clothes to the most expensive phones to Food. (I food) The problem here is as we buy things we realize that we didn’t want it and we end up being angry with ourselves. The thing is, we actually don’t need these thing except when you smell like shit and need spray or toothpaste, whatever. Next time you want something really bad, just wait. You will just have to save a little more and then you can buy it.

Keep away from…

  • sweet shops ( for those with the sweet tooth)
  • fashion shops (for the girls)
  • hair dressers (They steal your money) (do it yourself)
  • Law firms (they steal your money too) (for the troublemakers)
  • etc.

Pack your own lunches


We are a lazy world and we don’t like to do thing but when it comes to internet we all do things faster than the speed of light. There are a lot of ways you can do this ; throw a banana into your suitcase, Pack a healthy full lunchbox and die. Yes, Die because you can’t live without food!




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Get creative and sell!


Everyone has creativity in them and it is easy to make something and to sell it for an extra income. Recycle and let your imagination take over. This is as easy as one, two, three… If you think you lack creativity then you can go and watch videos on YouTube. I for one have started to make things and they really sell. Another thing you could do is to pack lunches and yes I know this should’ve been in the previous section but I know a guy in my school who packs lunches for the teachers and he gets paid. He’s not a teachers pet but he really gets a great income from his “job”.

Do online surveys…

If you still are to lazy, you could try to do surveys online. It’s easy and free to sign up. All you need to do is complete surveys and you could


get money, prizes or vouchers. Companies like to get info on how we think their products are and they really pay you.  I tried it but didn’t like it that much… Who knows, you might just like it and earn money for doing nothing.

Become an assassin!

NO! just kidding!

So that’s how I’m gonna try to make money and if you think this is not good advice, well good for you. I don’t care. Hope you guys will earn money as fast as homework and hopefully not spend it all on thing you don’t need!

bye nerds!*…

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