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7 Homecoming Dresses That Are A Little Too Creative

by Ben Lewis
It's time to start shopping for homecoming dresses, pretending you love your friends' ugly dresses, praying that cute guy you like asks you that special question, and finally get around to learning how to whip and nae nae - that's right bitches, it's almost time for the homecoming dance. Between the drama of who-asked-who, cringe-worthy homecoming proposals, and dresses that make you want to hurl, there's much to be hated during the homecoming season. And sometimes...people get like to creative. Behold, 7 people who knocked it out of the ballpark: 1. Taking "you complete me" to a whole new level. [...]

School Lunches Around the World (9 Pictures)

by Ben Lewis
If your school cafeteria is anything like most of them, then it's probably filled with questionable food that's probably not completely legal to give to children. The Sweetgreen restaurant chain recently released a series of photos showing what school lunches look like around the world, and as a guy who usually has a pack of croutons, a raisin, and an M&M I found in the bottom of my backpack for lunch, I'm kind of jealous. Although I can't exactly identify all of the food below, it definitely looks good. Which school lunch looks the most delicious - or the most [...]

Returning to School: A Step-by-Step Guide

by Ben Lewis
The Sunday of summer, August, is finally here. Most of us only have a few more weeks until we have to return to jail - or, as the delusional like to call it, school. It's going to be a hard transition (like going from Bruce to Caitlin. But look at how hot she turned out to be!) Coming back to school after 3 months of stuffing your face, watching Netflix, and being completely unproductive can be a scary transition for kids. Thankfully, Facts of School has composed a guide to help make this transition as painless as possible. Just follow [...]

9 Ridiculous Things That Teachers Say

by Ben Lewis
For people who are paid to share their knowledge, teachers sure do say some stupid things. And it seems that worldwide, teachers tick their students off in the same ways - there's probably some secret teacher alliance (ISIS??) that all teachers go to so they can plan their ridiculous clichés and then say them to us students so we can become more miserable. Here are some of the most ridiculous things that teachers say: 1. "The bell doesn't excuse you...I excuse you!" Teachers sure have gotten big for their britches recently. We've all been there - the class has been [...]
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11 Senior Quotes Ideas For Your Yearbook

by Leonardo
Every high school diploma is the result of a lot of hard work by both parents and graduates. High school graduation is an exciting chapter in the continuing story of your family’s life together. It’s also a moment to celebrate accomplishments, share your memories and also create amazing Senior Quotes for their yearbook. Senior graduation is an essential celebration in each and every student’s life. I am sure that you can still remember when you need to submit senior quotes for your yearbook. 1- “I look better in person” 2- “I don’t like it when people called me a dumb blonde” Who won’t [...]

Funniest Exam Answers Of All Time (10 pictures)

by Leonardo
Some students aren't very smart, but their exam answers are hilarious when they don't know how to answer a question. We selected the funniest exam answers we have ever seen, and I can't even decide which one is the best! #1 The creative What would you do if you were his teacher? Would you give him A+ for creativity? Use the ⬅️ ➡️ (arrow) keys to navigate between pages. #2 The Killer #3 The Realistic #4 The Passionate But I actually agree with this exam answers... Don't you? #5 The Honest #6 The Disgusting #7 The Fanciful #8 The Designer #9 The [...]