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Finals Week

15 Photos That Perfectly Capture The Finals Week Struggle

by Leonardo
At the end of every semester, you take your final exams in the last week of school or college,university, hence “Finals Week”. This is possibly the craziest and the most exhausted week in a semester and people do some funny crazy stuff to squeeze all the juices for study exams and to overcome the night... Check it! Use the Next/Previous buttons to navigate between pages. The “just leave me here to die.” Source Twitter The weight of it all. Source Twitter The last resort. Source Twitter    The “MAKE IT STOP.” Source Twitter The end of the road. Source Twitter At the [...]

Making the most of your part-time job

by Leonardo
Part-time jobs are a good way to make money while you're in High School or College. But it can benefit you in other ways, too. Training up A part-time job isn’t just a way to earn money: it’s also a chance to gain new skills. You’ll pick some of these up on the part-time job, but you should also keep an eye out for more formal training opportunities. The skills you learn will often transfer to other, very different part-time jobs - for example, customer service lessons learned in a café can be useful in any job that involves working [...]

7 of the Best Senior Prank Ideas

by Ben Lewis
It's national tradition for every senior class to pull of one final, epic senior prank before they say goodbye to high school and leave the days of silly pranks behind them as they begin their life of adulthood and maturity (lol, not really.) Some classes take things too far, some are a little too basic, and some - especially these epic 7 senior prank ideas - got it just right. Behold, seven of the most hilarious senior pranks, use the Next/Previous buttons bellow to navigate between pages. 1. The Beach Senior Prank Image courtesy of These seniors decided to start summer [...]

Biology Teacher Has A Different Way of Teaching the Human Body to Her Students

by Ben Lewis
Usually, when a teacher starts to rip off her clothes in front of her students, it's time to either a) call the police, or b) pause the dirty video and start doing something productive. With Debby Heerkens, a biology teacher in the Netherlands, however, it means that it's time to start taking notes. She came up with a memorable way to teach her students about the structure of the human body - standing up on her desk and stripping off her clothes to reveal a spandex suit illustrated with organs, muscles, and underneath that, a spandex suit of bones. Hart [...]

Teacher Wears Same Outfit for Yearbook Photos 40 Years in a Row

by Ben Lewis
Most of us get rid of our old outfits once the next season rolls around, or once we get tired of them. PE teacher Dale Irby, however, has become a legend at Prestenwood Elementary School for wearing the same outfit 40 years in a row. Talk about commitment. The tradition started by chance, when he realized in 1974 on picture day that he was wearing the same outfit that he wore the year before. Since then, he hasn't stopped until he retired in 2012. He also had the same mustache in every photo except for the first! Check them out [...]

How I Overcame Awkwardness and Became a Celebrity at my High School

by Ben Lewis
In middle school, I was the awkward kid with two friends who never really talked to anyone. I was ugly, nerdy, and at a level of awkward that exceeds possibilities. But truthfully, I didn't mind it at all. I wasn't bullied or depressed, I was simply unpopular. I had a couple good friends, and that was all that I needed. In middle school, it's not necessarily important to be "popular." A lot of people are immature in middle school - no parties, no competitiveness in grades, and all the "relationships" that take place burn out of after a week. There's [...]