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Child Actors Before and After Puberty (12 Pictures)

by Leonardo
Have you ever seen child actors pictures? Some people are a little bit "slow" and it may take them a little longer to hit their stride as far as their looks go. Late bloomer or not, If you’re a child actor you spend your life in the public eye. Here are 12 child actors that became extremely hot right before our eyes.   1- Joseph Gordon Levitt then and now. 2- Abigail Breslin, best known for her role in Little Miss Sunshine. 3- Madeline Zima best known for her role in The Nanny as a child actress and more recently, Californication. 4- Nicholas Hoult, known for his role [...]

10 of the Stupidest Celeb Tweets

by Ben Lewis
Twitter has become a wonderful place for celebrities to promote themselves and their projects, but sometimes they decide to project their own thoughts to the world, and the results are nothing less than hilarious. It seems like there's always a celebrity in hot water over something they tweeted...there are tens of thousands of insane celebrity tweets to make fun off, but Facts of School has narrowed it down to some of the strangest ten: While it's a completely strange question, it does make you think. Apparently when Sarah Palin isn't reading all of those "magazines" she loves so [...]

7 Funniest Essay Answers Of All Time

by Leonardo
Some students aren’t very smart, but they’re hilarious when they don’t know how to start their essay, or even how to finish it. We selected the funniest essay answers we have ever seen, and I can’t even decide which one is the best! #1   #2 #3 #4 #5 #6 #7   Which one do you think is the funniest? Comment and share with your friends on social media :)

19 Reactions Every iPhone User Can Completely Relate To

by Leonardo
Every iPhone user has gone through several situations, some funny, some embarrassing and some even dangerous! We selected the 19 most relatable situations that every iPhone user has gone through, which do you relate most to? Use the Next/Previous buttons to navigate between pages! #1 #2   #3 #4   #5 #6   #7 #8   #9 #10   #11 #12   #13 #14 #15 #16 #17 #18 #19

20 Pickup Lines You Should Never Try On High School Girls

by Leonardo
Tired of getting rejected by girls and trying your boring old routine to get someone’s number? Making a girl laugh is one way to get her attention. We don’t suggest you use some of these, but they are pretty damn funny. After surveying guys to se what pickup lines they used on girls, here are some of the most hilarious results we’ve found. Here are the most hilarious pickup lines guys use in High School. Enjoy! Use the Next/Previous buttons to navigate between pages! 1) Are you an archaeologist? Because I have a large bone that needs examining. 2) I don’t [...]

Disney Secret Unveiled: Can You Find Mickey Mouse Hidden in These 5 Disney Images?

by Leonardo
Mickey Mouse is Disney's most recognizable character. He's also one of the oldest. And it seems the lovable mouse has stood the test time of time - recently, Disney fans noticed that Mickey Mouse-like illusions have been appearing in Disney movies! Disney animators and theme park designers have been planting these Mickeys in their work ever since the company was created, and they're still doing it today! Fans have been scratching their heads trying to find where The World's Favorite Mouse has been hiding in Disney's work. In fact, entire websites have been dedicated to spotting and recording all of [...]