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How to Get Rid of Unwanted Friends

by Ben Lewis
We've all been there - we meet somebody, whether it be at a party, on social media, or at school, and suddenly they never leave you alone. After just one friendly conversation, they leech on to you and are constantly texting you, following you around, and thinking that you two are BFFs, when honestly, you want nothing to do with that person. If you've never been in this position, you probably are the unwanted friend. You're too nice to tell your stalker to back off and kick them to the curb, but you just can't stand being around them anymore. [...]

10 Things to Leave Behind in 2015

by Ben Lewis
New year, new you, right? With social media becoming increasingly popular, something posted less than ten minutes ago can instantly become the hot topic with millions of people being able to immediately share it with their followers, and this means that every day there seems to be some new Vine trend, meme, or crazy dance craze to learn. They're all disposable, and some are more annoying than others. Who can forget YOLO and swag? Here are some things we need to leave in 2015 so we can make room for more useless bullsh*t. Prepare to be possibly insulted if you [...]

Biology Teacher Has A Different Way of Teaching the Human Body to Her Students

by Ben Lewis
Usually, when a teacher starts to rip off her clothes in front of her students, it's time to either a) call the police, or b) pause the dirty video and start doing something productive. With Debby Heerkens, a biology teacher in the Netherlands, however, it means that it's time to start taking notes. She came up with a memorable way to teach her students about the structure of the human body - standing up on her desk and stripping off her clothes to reveal a spandex suit illustrated with organs, muscles, and underneath that, a spandex suit of bones. Hart [...]

How I Overcame Awkwardness and Became a Celebrity at my High School

by Ben Lewis
In middle school, I was the awkward kid with two friends who never really talked to anyone. I was ugly, nerdy, and at a level of awkward that exceeds possibilities. But truthfully, I didn't mind it at all. I wasn't bullied or depressed, I was simply unpopular. I had a couple good friends, and that was all that I needed. In middle school, it's not necessarily important to be "popular." A lot of people are immature in middle school - no parties, no competitiveness in grades, and all the "relationships" that take place burn out of after a week. There's [...]

Third Grade Teacher Asks Students a Simple Question that Evokes Heartbreaking Answers

by Ben Lewis
Kyle Schwartz teaches the third grade in Denver, Colorado, and she decided to get to know her students a little better - she asked them a simple question: "What do you wish your teachers knew?" Her students responses were honest and heartbreaking. Use the Next/Previous buttons bellow to navigate between pages. The third grade students anonymously gave their teacher a hand-written response, and their answers will surprise you: While she may have expected simpler responses, that is not what she got: This student wrote about a forgotten birthday: Another student wrote about a problem with bullying: In a world where [...]

Earning money and saving as a teenager ($)($)

by Leonardo
Hey guys! As teenagers, we all want money to buy stuff but we never have enough. We buy things that we don't really need and at the end it all piles up after a few months. This can drive our parents mad and it usually ends with a speech on how to be more responsible and how not to buy junk, etc. This mostly¬† happens to me but I've decided that it has to get end. This here is exactly how I'm gonna try to do it and maybe you guys can try it too.   Don't buy things you [...]