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Juggling Your Work Simple & Easy

by Leonardo
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We are in halfway for school to end and yet some of us have a hard time doing our work. It could be for many reasons such as we are in a sport, we joined a club, or either we work, but let's admit it "Who Wants to do Homework" when you can go out with your buddies, friends, boyfriend, girlfriend, or even watch Netflix the whole day. Still, doing homework is part of our responsibility as students, yet it's a struggle to juggle all of it. Which is why I'm going to give you some easy tips to help [...]

Walking into High School with Heavy Shoulders?!

by Leonardo
Students around the world dread going to school, but it is an expectation to the pathway to achieve success. We start school at a young age with nothing but joy and excitement, and then the years progress and we start to realize what school is really all about. Whether you're switching schools, starting school for the first time, or even starting a new school year there always comes the thing we all hate the most, stress. I remember my transition into my high school year. My previous teachers would talk about how important school was, and I became so scared [...]

Why You Should Care About Politics

by Leonardo
Let's face it. You probably read the title of this article and thought "ew" or "bleh" solely because you saw the word politics in there. It is no secret: most teens these days couldn't care less about "politics" and "government" and things of that nature. Teens, most often, take what they saw and learned in their Social Studies classes and see that as what politics and government is all about. If you look at it that way then yes, it will more than likely seem very boring and uninteresting; however, I will tell you about two recent issues that should show [...]

How to Survive Bullying at School in 5 Steps

by Leonardo
Hey guys, is anyone being bullied? We used to and we know how it feels. Today we're going to let you know tips on how to survive bullying and just stand up for yourself. All these people are getting bullied, and for what? What clothes they wear, not liking the same things as others, disabilities, how we look, how much money we have. 1- IGNORE THE BULLIES The way we fought it was by not reacting, the more you react the more the bullies will win! By winning they will receive pleasure in bullying you. However, if you don't react [...]

School Memes That Are Actually Truth!

by Leonardo
1. Due tomorrow? Do tomorrow. All over the internet is this meme, people laugh at it but the truth is…this meme is true! Don’t waste your time working hours on an assignment you going to fail anyway…do it the day its due! Funny thing is when I do spend the time doing my assignment I always get a low grade and when I just don’t care and do it the day its due suddenly my teacher thinks I’ve created a masterpiece.  Teacher’s can not tell! DUE TOMORROW? DO TOMORROW :)   2. Teacher lectures Teachers do this all the time! Two [...]

Why Do Teens Hate School?

by Leonardo
Traditional school system makes students self-esteem plunge. It makes us feel stupid when we get bad grades. It makes us feel inferior. Students should come to a place that values learning. Students also should take classes that they need. Example, you want to be an engineer, you don't need to take Spanish or history. Facts about high school drop-outs: Thomas Edison, Benjamin Franklin, Bill Gates, Albert Einstein, Walt Disney, and Princess Diana all dropped out of school. 32.1% of students dropped out of high-school because they could not keep up with the school work. 19.9% of students dropped out because [...]