10 Things to Leave Behind in 2015

by Ben Lewis

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New year, new you, right? With social media becoming increasingly popular, something posted less than ten minutes ago can instantly become the hot topic with millions of people being able to immediately share it with their followers, and this means that every day there seems to be some new Vine trend, meme, or crazy dance craze to learn. They’re all disposable, and some are more annoying than others. Who can forget YOLO and swag? Here are some things we need to leave in 2015 so we can make room for more useless bullsh*t. Prepare to be possibly insulted if you use social media (which, if you do, you should follow @FactsofSchool if you don’t already):

1. Saying everything is “lowkey”

If you openly say something is lowkey, it’s really not that lowkey. Teenagers have been putting the word lowkey in front of everything recently, and it needs to stop. “This is lowkey the best sandwich I’ve ever had.” “He is lowkey so hot.” “I’m kinda lowkey digging this song.” I’m so lowkey sick of hearing that word. People aren’t even using it correctly!

2. The Whip/Nae-Nae

This song wasn’t even good to begin with, and the dance is just stupid. Am I in the minority here? Let’s leave this song at Homecoming 2015 and pray it doesn’t pop up again at Prom 2016.

3. Saying “same” when agreeing with someone


“Gosh, I’m so sick of people saying ‘same’!” “Same.” Can we not go the extra mile and say “I feel the same” instead?

4. “Goals”

Relationship goals. Body goals. Boyfriend goals. Squad goals. SHUT UP.

5. Selfies


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Look, we all need a profile picture. We need some pictures to put on our Tinder profiles, too. And sometimes, we’re just feeling our look. I get it, ok? I happen to take a selfie from time to time too. But I don’t post one every day with Taylor Swift song lyrics as the caption. No bad blood here. Oh, and selfie sticks? I’m not going to tell you where those things need to go.

6. And speaking of Taylor Swift…1989


It was a good album. It wasn’t Speak Now or Fearless, but it was good. Still, that album was released in 2014 and it needs to stay behind, because I’m sick of hearing Wildest Dreams and Blank Space. Taylor slayed last year, but the tour is over, the album is old, and we all need to move on. Let’s watch the Out of the Woods video, make sure it isn’t going to be played on the radio stations for the next three months, and hope she puts out another album to enjoy soon.

7. Saying things are “problematic”

Look, I’m all about the equal rights movement. I love gay people. And don’t get me started on the feminists! Go, women! But online social justice warriors have recently been labeling bigots and everything that they say as “problematic.” Can we please stop with saying things are “problematic?” This whole post is probably problematic. Whatever.

8. Bae


Come on, bae is sooooo 2014. It was a problem in 2015. But we cannot keep on saying this. It has to stop.

9. Promposals and Homecoming Proposals

Eww. Nothing more tacky than making a big deal out of nothing. If someone asked me to a shitty high school dance by riding in on a horse with a sign that says “My voice is a little HORSE…so I made this sign. Will you go to prom with me?” then I would knock that person off his horse and then go to prom with someone who isn’t a loser. I pray you will all do the same.

10. Minions.

Need I say more?

So, you problematic, lowkey baes — do you agree with my list? What else would you like to leave behind in 2015?

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