15 College Majors Where Women Make More Than Men

15 College Majors Where Women Make More Than Men
It’s been said that women tend to make about $.75 for every dollar a man makes in most professions. While this tends to be the case in many positions, sometimes certain cases defy the trends. There’s already a growing number of college majors where women outnumber men (accounting and biology among them). But there’s now a number of college majors where women actually tend to earn higher salaries then men. Here are just a few of them.

15. Chemical Engineering
STEM fields are, even to this day, still thought of as a male dominated field. But as we’re starting to see, women are outpacing men in a number of STEM career fields. Chemical engineering is one of them. In general, this field involves applying physical science (like physics and chemistry) to natural sciences (biological) and mathematics and engineering in order to figure out how to transport, produce, and utilize chemical materials. According to research, the wage premium (or percentage of earned wages versus projected wages) was 1% more for women in the field than it was for men.


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