The 11 Most Hilarious College Student ID Photos You’ll Ever See

The 11 Most Hilarious College Student ID Photos You’ll Ever See

College. One of the most exciting things when you first move in to the college of your choice is getting your student id. Why is that? Well, it’s only the one photo that will represent you for your entire college career. It’s like taking a photo on picture day in elementary school. You want to make sure you look your best. Well, some people simply just don’t care at all what their student id looks like. Luckily, we have for you here some of the most hilarious/serious/IDGAF student id photos that have been shared on the internet. If you’re an incoming freshman reading this article, word of advice…. don’t take a crappy student id photo or it may just end up on our website like these did. Here are the 11 BEST student id photos you’ll ever see. Enjoy!

This guy has an epic name haha

This guy has an epic name haha

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